All about the sisterhood.
Advice & Support

All about the Sisterhood

Photos by Safiya Saeed Berberaawii. We started this project because there were no activities for girls at this age and there was also a lack of BAME female mentors to support local girls, as well [Read more]
Still from the Horvath documentary.
Arts & Culture

HORVATH feature documentary

Story and photos by Jim Wraith, Filmmaker – Camera Dept. We started filming HORVATH by chance. The idea came after Sam (producer), Jacob (story producer) and I got invited to a kickboxing night hosted by [Read more]
Young people football team
Children & Young People

Learning from football

Story by Patrick Moran Not only does Christian Vernon work with young people at risk of exclusion from school, he also volunteers his time to run a football team for young people at the weekends. [Read more]
Happy members of Big Brother Burngreave.
Children & Young People

Sports over streets

Story by Safiya Saeed | Photos by Sarah Zaggers Summertime! Does that mean time to spend in the sun with families or go on a dream holiday? It’s not a possibility for many youths in [Read more]
Group Photo Somaliland Football Julius Turner
Latest Community News

Somaliland soccer kicks off

Story by Fran Belbin | Playground photo by Julius Turner | Match photos by Nico Hall Burngreave was proud to host an international first last month, when the Somaliland international football team came to town. [Read more]
A volleyball shot
Sport & Physical Activity

Aden Union crowned champions

Story and photos by Ghamdan A Mohamed The fourth Ramadan Volleyball tournament was held at Verdon Recreational Centre and organised by the newly formed community amateur sports club Burngreave Hope Volleyball Club (BHVC). This tournament [Read more]
Tree planting
Children & Young People

New life in the cemetery

Story by Saleema Imam | Photos by Alex Giblin Price On Thursday April 11th, children and staff from the adventure playground planted hawthorn saplings in Burngreave cemetery with members of the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery. [Read more]
Big sports day out
Children & Young People

Big sports day out

Story by Sahal Barre, Tess Awoke and Abdul-Malik Onasan | Photos by Sarah Zagni The Active Burngreave organisation have achieved many of their set goals and provided the group members with once in a lifetime [Read more]