Our Cultures on equality at the Welcome Centre

Our Cultures On Equality banner
1st October 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 9:00 pm
The Welcome Centre Christ Church Pitsmoor
Christ Church Pitsmoor is on Pitsmoor Road but the entrance to The Welcome Centre is from Nottingham Street
opposite Pilgrim Street S3 9AW
0114 255 1538

The Welcome Centre Sheffield invite you to their Our Cultures series on the theme of ‘equality’. Sessions run on the first Tuesday of each month for seven months.

Over the first six months from October through to March 2019, you will learn about the most equal and the most unequal developed countries on the planet in relation to income.

The final and seventh month in April will be an evaluation session of the whole series when you will try to recognise patterns which helped to form cultures of greed vs cultures of equality.

Every month a new country will be researched. At the beginning of the following month an evening on equality will be held. You go through gathered research, then watch a documentary or a series of short films after which a discussion will be held where everyone can voice their opinions and ideas about the given topic.

Go along to any of the sessions to learn some revealing facts not talked about in the mainstream and learn what we can all do to make our society a better place for all.

Venue: The Welcome Centre, Christ Church Pitsmoor. Christ Church Pitsmoor is on Pitsmoor Road but the entrance to The Welcome Centre is from Nottingham Street, opposite Pilgrim Street S3 9AW.

More information

Our Cultures is organising evenings with a documentary screenings on the given topic on the first Tuesday of every month except summer and winter holidays. It’s always good to check updates on the website, Facebook page or by subscribing to their newsletter to make sure an evening is on.

The event is entirely FREE of charge.

There is no money involved (directly) at all. No grants, no funds only people’s will to do so.

Organised by Our Cultures