Staff and pupils at Oasis Academy
Children & Young People

Fighting for air

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Rashad Hassan, courtesy of Oasis Fir Vale Academy International Clean Air day started early in Burngreave this year. On Wednesday 19th June Oasis Fir Vale primary academy held [Read more]
Astrean Adventure Teacher Group Photo
Arts & Culture

The Chronicles of the Astreans

Story and photos by Richard “Jupiter Cocacola” Belbin Members of the Astrea Academy Creative Writing Elective held their end of year exhibition on 17th July, showcasing their art and imagination. Entitled The Chronicles of the [Read more]
Bizarre abstract colour explosions
Arts & Culture

Final Frontier

Story and page design by Martin Currie | Photos by Alan Blay I first met Alan Blay at a party. Conversation wasn’t really flowing, so I resorted to asking “what do you do?” Apparently, he [Read more]
Wall on outside of house with message, "Pick your bloody litter up, it won't kill you.....but the RATS will."
Arts & Culture

Litter art campaign

Story and photo by Amy Palmer We’ve all noticed the litter piling up and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere clear to turn. On August Bank Holiday weekend one woman on Burngreave Road decided to [Read more]
No Picture
Arts & Culture

Drawing from nature

A new drawing group organised by local people has met twice on Saturday mornings in Abbeyfield Park. It was an enjoyable experience to meet new people whilst drawing our surroundings. We’d like to thank local artist [Read more]