Burngreave Cemetery bee keepers
Children & Young People

Caring for bees

Story by Saleema Imam Burngreave cemetery bees will soon be waking up and becoming active when the weather becomes a little warmer. We urgently need volunteers to help James, who has been the stalwart over … [Read more]
scything - simon barnett
Education & Training

Not so grim reapers

Story by Saleema Imam | Photo by Simon Barnett On Wednesday 25th September six intrepid pioneers from the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery and Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, took part in a scything training day led by … [Read more]
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Sam Wardle photo courtesy of Northern General Hospital history group
History & Heritage

A tragic homecoming

Samuel Wardle was born on 19th October 1897 the son of James Wardle and Mary Marshall who already had six children. James died in 1905 and was buried in Burngreave Cemetery. Mary married Edward Hannah in 1906. … [Read more]
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Dear Messenger...

Burngreave Cemetery Use

Dear Sir/Madam, Burngreave Cemetery is unique in having a designated cemetery warden who is responsible for locking and unlocking the gates, and reporting issues back to Bereavement Services. This post was created 25 years ago, … [Read more]
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Crime & Policing

Letter from Jo Keane

Dear Messenger, I read with interest the letter from Amirah Hussain regarding dog walking in the cemetery. I have lived in Burngreave for over 30 years, have always had a dog and have always walked … [Read more]
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No Picture
Faith, Religion & Spirituality

Upper Chapel Remembrance

Story and photo by Christine Steers This year Armistice Day was on Saturday so the Upper Chapel Strollers, led by Graham Haque and Patrick Smith, visited the official World War One memorial in Burngreave Cemetery … [Read more]
Lady stood on left leg with a hoola hoop behind her on erect right leg
Children & Young People

Super hooper record breaker

Story by Fran Belbin | Photos by Nico Hall Local resident Ashlee Male is cock-a-hoop after breaking one Guinness World Record and setting another. Performing before a human and canine audience in Burngreave Cemetery, Ashlee … [Read more]