Burngreave Cemetery Chapel

Building for the future

Story and photo by Drew Dallen Both Burngreave Cemetery chapels have had their roofs repaired this month. This is another step on the road to getting these chapels functioning for community use. Now the roofs [Read more]
Cemetery window and flowers
Arts & Culture

Remembering lost souls

Story by Victoria Smith | Photos by Frankie Currie, Victoria Smith and Richard Belbin I became artist in residence at Burngreave Cemetery Mortuary Chapel in the summer of 2014, the weekend the Tour de France [Read more]
Projects & People

Bikers in the cemetery

Story and photo by Christine Steers On Sunday 13th Aug 2017, about noon, a parade of motorcycles drove in to the cemetery. We looked at each other in trepidation, but they sounded like “proper” motor [Read more]