Oasis Academy Fir Vale Modeshift Gold Award winners
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Gold at Oasis Fir Vale

Story by Graham Jones Oasis Academy Fir Vale have won the prestigious Modeshift Gold Award for demonstrating excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. On Clean Air day the school had [Read more]
Staff and pupils at Oasis Academy
Children & Young People

Fighting for air

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Rashad Hassan, courtesy of Oasis Fir Vale Academy International Clean Air day started early in Burngreave this year. On Wednesday 19th June Oasis Fir Vale primary academy held [Read more]
Children marching for Burngreave clean air
Children & Young People

Marching for Burngreave clean air

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Rashad Hassan. Against a background of drastically deteriorating air quality in Burngreave, to which children are particularly susceptible, the march was the culmination of several weeks of preparation [Read more]
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Hospital needs clean air

Story by Graham Jones In February the Northern General Hospital website issued the good news that laser treatments are giving asthma patients a new lease of life. The dedicated staff in all departments of our [Read more]