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Romancing the stones: urban geology

Story and photos by Scott Engering. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, as a geologist and photographer, I set out to further explore local ‘urban geology’, Burngreave Cemetery being a particular highlight. Entering by the main gates, [Read more]
Abbeyfield house in the blossom
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Edible Pitsmoor

Story and main photo by Deborah Egan. Abbeyfield House was built in 1850 by local colliery owner William Pass and bizarrely, he decided to call the house Pitsmoor Abbey despite there being no religious activity [Read more]
Dear Messenger...
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Happy Times

Dear Richard. After reading the Michael Glover articles, I have to say that, as an adult, I remember life on Coningsby Road quite differently. It was a friendly and happy place to live where the [Read more]
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Story by Richard Godley On Tuesday, 26th September, 1916 a Zeppelin blitzed the Burngreave area, seeking to destroy armaments and munitions factories in that area. Those targets were mainly missed, but 28 people were killed [Read more]