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Messenger celebrates

Story by Susie Dufort | Photograph by Marek Payne On 8th July the sun blazed down on Abbeyfield Park. Sixteen adults including Local Councillor Talib Hussain, and four children attended the event, organised by Mia [Read more]
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A party at playgroup

Story and photo by Amy Palmer St James’ parent and toddler group was started by Isilda over 30 years ago in September 1986. I joined them for their Eid party to see what it was [Read more]
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Update on Burngreave incidents

Story and photos by Fran Belbin Many residents have been relieved to see an increased police presence around Spital Hill and Ellesmere Green following a series of violent incidents, including a shooting and stabbings. A [Read more]
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Iftar Under the Stars

Story by Haamid, Ehsan, Haroon, Idrees and Ayaan | Photo by Amy Palmer On Saturday 10th June the 39th Sheffield scout group had an Iftari (opening of fast), under the beautiful night sky at Firth [Read more]
Faith, Religion & Spirituality


Story and photos by Michael Wright The Muslim community celebrated the festival of Eid Al Fitr on Sunday 25th June 2017. This happens directly after the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast for 29 [Read more]

A Call to Play

Story and photo by Danae Wellington Ellesmere Park is home to an unusual variety of native flora and teeming diverse wildlife. However, the space is often left neglected and unmaintained by the council. One mum-of-three [Read more]
Advice & Support

Globalmama seeks local home

Story by Amina Souleiman | Photo by Amy Palmer Social enterprise Globalmama have outlined ambitious plans to expand its catering business and community empowerment activities by investing over £300,000 in Burngreave. Globalmama started was in [Read more]

A well dressing for trees

Story by Saleema Imam | Photos by Dave Yates ‘Love our trees’ was the theme chosen by the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery for their annual well dressing, launched by the Lord Mayor in Burngreave cemetery [Read more]
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Girl Guides make a splash

Story by Heather Andrews | Photo by Ally Revill On Saturday 1st July 186th St Catherine’s Guides boarded a coach to Skegness. The weather was very sunny and we spent a lovely afternoon on the [Read more]
History & Heritage

Looking good for 145

Story by Samuel Humphrey On 9th September 2017 your local library at Sorby House will be celebrating 145 years of providing the written word in all its forms to Burngreave residents. In 1872 the first [Read more]
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Latest Community News

Shaking those tins

Story by Andrew James Hodgson Earlier this summer the Savile Street Tesco was visited by three volunteers from Burngreave Library – our mission was to raise extra funding to keep the library open. The event [Read more]
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More than a coffee morning

Story by Amy Palmer | Photos from Fir Vale Academy At the liveliest coffee morning I have ever been to, the school community cohesion officer Miss Bibiana and her team of staff and students welcomed [Read more]