Police dog Dibley.
Crime & Policing

Police day of action

Story by Sgt. Ben Hall. Burngreave Neighbourhood Team plus traffic officers, colleagues from our tasking team and Police dog Dibley (pictured) started this month with a highly visible operation to tackle criminality. During the day [Read more]
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Advice & Support

Reporting crime

Dial 999 (Free) To report an emergency/crime in progress To enable your phone to text 999, text Register to 999 Dial 101 (15p) or visit www.reportingcrime.uk To: • Report a crime that has happened • [Read more]
Children & Young People

Update on Burngreave incidents

Story and photos by Fran Belbin Many residents have been relieved to see an increased police presence around Spital Hill and Ellesmere Green following a series of violent incidents, including a shooting and stabbings. A [Read more]
12 children from different ethnic backgrounds aged 2-13 stand in a playpark with play leaders in front of signs they have made on chalkboards saying 'peace and love'
Crime & Policing

Call for peace in Burngreave

Following the violent incidents that have taken place in recent days, Gill Furniss MP and local councillors have been visiting the Spital Hill and Ellesmere Green area to listen to residents and business owners and [Read more]
a man dressed in a police uniform standing in front of a screen
Crime & Policing

Chief plod gives the nod

Story and photo by Graham Jones Chief Constable Stephen Watson, the head of South Yorkshire Police, came to the Vestry Hall in Burngreave on 3rd May as part of a series of discussions with local [Read more]
A police car parked in front of the blue cordoned off frontage of Diamond Hand Car Wash
Crime & Policing

Car related assaults

Story by Amy Palmer On around midday outside Diamond Hand Car Wash (formerly Bubbles) on Burngreave Road a man was attacked by a gang using metal bars. Police attended and the area was cordoned off. [Read more]