The Messenger did not receive much needed funding and we now face the prospect of closure. We have a very short deadline to find alternative funding.

We are now reaching out to supporters to help us through the Winter and have set up a GoFundMe campaign. We understand that times are hard, which is why your community magazine is needed in the first place. We would very much like to continue to connect the community with vital services, and with each other, so that we can all weather this storm together.

However small your contribution, YOU have the chance to help us to sustain ourselves through the cold winter. After this, with some luck, we hope to receive grant funding.

What will your money pay for?

We are exploring various funding sources to assist the Burngreave Messenger through this period, and your support will contribute to keeping us afloat until we hear from them.

If we raise £1,000:
This will help us pay for the Burngreave Messenger to continue to post content on our online platforms.

If we raise £2,500:
This will pay for the production of a Winter e-bulletin (online issue only)

If we raise £5,000:
This will mean the Burngreave Messenger can print a Winter issue to be delivered to your door and the doors of over 9,400 residents in Burngreave.

If our target of £5,000 is met, all donors will receive a free copy of the Winter issue, and all donations over £250 will be publicly acknowledged.

Without your support it is very unlikely that the Burngreave Messenger will be able to continue to operate. We would be so very grateful for any support you can give.

Thank you so much,
The Burngreave Messenger Team