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Issues from 1999 - 2016

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The first edition of the Burngreave Messenger was published in 1999 and there has been a lot of issues since that time. There has also been quite a few versions of our website over those years. As technology changed then so did the Messenger website.

All of those versions of the website had one thing in common - they provided an online archive of (almost) each issue as it was published. You can visit those archives on our old website. Some parts of them don't work as well as they did when they were 'live', due in part to the technology they used no longer being supported, but hopefully they can still be useful. The search engine doesn't work anymore, but you can use Google or Bing or a search engine of your choice to find content in those old websites.

Old website sections

The old website is divided into four main sections. Usability is variable!

  • July 2004 - July 2016: This covers a funded period which actually began in 2008 but involved adding a number of back issues. A final sprint to put some of those back issues online occurred just before the changeover to our new site, and a number of images will be missing (but somehow the July 2004 issue got added again).
  • August 2002 - July 2004: A single index page gives you access to issues put online during a period represented by this design. Each issue then has an index of every article in that edition.
  • October 2001 - July 2002: All issues from this period are indexed on one page. The style was quite different, and there was a bigger focus on grouping articles by category - many of which still persist to this day. This index page also includes links to Issue 10 and Issue 11, plus a link to something called August 2001 which doesn't exist.
  • Issues 1 -7: Back in the very early days, it didn't seem to occur to anyone that publication dates might be important, but I can tell you here that these issues were published between 1999 and 2001. Note that in the first five issues all the articles from an individual issue appear on just one page! Just to confuse matters more, issue numbers are at times inconsistent with actual published editions. This section has also been called 'Issues 1 - 9', but 8 and 9 are not to be found.

PDF editions

If you're just looking for older PDFs of the back issues, we have every issue from July 2004 to August 2014 available from our old websites.