A black businesswoman shows a traditional african outfit in bright yellow and red fabric on a mannequin
Photo by Amy Palmer. Amie Bangura at Ma Ma Afro

One of the many things that sets Burngreave apart from other areas is the vast diversity of independent shops, stocking food, clothing and goods from all around the world. Amie Bangura (Pictured left) from Ma Ma Afro in Page Hall imports her beautiful fabrics from Holland to ensure they are of world class quality.

In other areas the high street has a Boots, a Costa, and a MacDonalds. In Burngreave we are treated to the personalised service of Swift Pharmacy, the best value ‘real’ coffee from Red Sea Cuisine, and the best Indian restaurant in town at Mangla.

Five years ago Tesco became a gateway for cars and public transport into our area but independent supermarkets are still soldiering on. You can find foods from around the world in one small area, from Polish shops, to Caribbean flavours and Asian naans and unusual looking vegetables. Burngreave has it all!

In April 2017 we launched our Business in Burngreave in appreciation of this. We asked the public what they appreciate about businesses in the area. Free branding and publicity training was held at our offices. Please get in touch if you would like to join the Business in Burngreave network and gain access to our mailing list connecting businesses across the area. We will also gladly send you resources from our publicity training and put your business ad on this page for free so long as you are a local business.

We also offer discount rates for local businesses in our print issue – prices start from just £40. Please email diana@burngreavemessenger.org to find out more.

Meet our local businesses:

An Asian man in a burgundy polo shirt and cap holds up a black forest gateau to the camera
Photo by Amy Palmer

This is Sohail at Nafees Bakery with one of their black forest gateaux. Nafees bakery is a very modern and futurist red and silver cafe and bakery just opposite the entrance to the Northern General hospital. We have thoroughly vetted their products!








A smiling white woman with short red hair and a black top dries the hair or a blonde customer in her salon.
Photo by Amy Palmer

Diane runs Twilights salon on Barnsley Road. Burngreave has a lot of hairdressers, especially barbers and hairdressers specialising in African-Caribbean type hair. Diane does a bit of everything and when she’s not cutting hair is involved with the Dog’s Trust. Read the article about her business career here.







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Our April 2017 centre spread features a selection of the wonderful things you said about your local businesses:

A collage of local business people and their quotes.
Thanks to Jim Jamison, Yassin Usuf, Carrie Hedderwick, Corinne Moss and Kate Sheldrick