For June 2017’s issue we are working on projects around the environment. We have created a map of your reviews and information about Burngreave’s many greenspaces:

We are also joining forces with local residents and organisations on the subject of litter. If you would like to get involved with our prevention campaign please contact

Our volunteer Saleema has also created a catalogue of links around living more greenly, which you can find here.

Our centre page spread for the environment issue (June, 2017. Issue 127) Please click on the image to go to the full issue…

A spread with one half about greenspaces with photos of ducks on a pond, a park, bluebell woods and Ellesmere Green and a page opposite called Dealing with rubbish with photos of a broken tv, flytipped household waste and litter.

Three men doing a litter pick on Grimesthorpe Road. 3 men are looking at the camera, smiling. 2 of them have a white litter pick stick in their hands. Each of the 3 men has a black bin liner full of litter in front of them. The background image is sunny and you can see houses and parked cars.
Photo by John Mellor